So natural, you can eat it

First and foremost, healthy and radiant skin always comes from the inside- what you’re eating, what you do with your body, how you manage stress, how much water and sleep you get, and so much more. I’ve had many clients of mine, who never complained of skin issues, realize how much their skin started to… Read More »

Top 5 apps that drain battery the fastest

Social networks are essential now today to communicate with friends and even business peoples too. Sometimes with the high battery drain rate of social media apps, that cause hurting your devices battery life. Here we are listing some social media Android apps with the high battery drain rate. 1. Facebook World popular social networking sites… Read More »

Major Leak about Galaxy S7 release date

We now know almost everything about the Galaxy S7: design changes, the new screen sizes, even a brand new model – and now we know when it will go on sale… Taking to Twitter @evleaks, arguably the world’s most famous smartphone tipster, has revealed the Galaxy S7 will be released in the US on Friday… Read More »

Alexander Rave foundation scholarships, Germany

The Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, ifa) promotes cultural exchange to assist peoples, nations and religions in learning from one another and living together peacefully. One of ifa’s particular fields of interest is fine art. Ifa initiates a direct cultural dialogue by supporting exhibitions of works by well-known German artists all over… Read More »